1. Our resourceOur resource is available to anyone and anyone who wants to learn about the evolution of children and youth in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.
    Nsanga Corporation, together with many other actors working for the well-being of the people of this region, focuses its efforts on social and sustainable development.
    Thus, all categories of its members and representatives in various parts of our planet will hasten to supplement this site regularly with publications promoting the socio-economic and cultural rights of youth, both rural and urban.
    It is precisely in defense of these rights of children and the entire youth of Africa of the Great Lakes that we appeal to all persons of good will to support the activities related to them.
    2. Mission

    Aims and Objectives of Nsanga Corporation
    Nsanga Corporation is a non-profit organization dedicated to charitable assistance for children and youth in the Great Lakes Region of Africa through civic, educational and development activities.
    To achieve this goal, the work of Nsanga Corporation is organized for and with Aboriginal youth in the Great Lakes Region of Africa. This is the responsibility of Nsanga Corporation to bring together the efforts of the Daughters and Sons of this Region both in Africa and elsewhere in the Diaspora.
    In addition, Nsanga Corporation has the right to combine and utilize various legal resources, including drawing the attention of diaspora organizations throughout the world.
    In the foreground, Nsanga Corporation aims to help young people from Congo (Kinshasa), Burundi (Bujumbura) and Rwanda (Kigali) through vocational training to become the actors in their lives and, Of the influence of rebel groups in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.
    Nsanga Corporation recruits these teenagers to mentor and promote them to become self-employed through vocational training seminars based on agriculture, animal husbandry and adult education.
    Nsanga Corporation rehabilitates young people attracted to armed conflict in the African Great Lakes Region and gives them hope to forget the disasters of the ongoing war in the region.
    Because Bible study is a driving force in sustaining peace, Nsanga Corporation initiates, directs, and supports the work of studying the Bible for youth groups in the Great Lakes Region of Africa .
    Nsanga Corporation also contributes to improving conditions for the development of children, adolescents and young people with fewer opportunities through the implementation of activities to protect their health and well-being, as well as assistance in Realization of their economic, social, labor, cultural and other rights, freedoms and legal interests.
    Nsanga Corporation has the right to attract volunteers, including from abroad, and organize their work with children, adolescents and youth in the African Great Lakes Region.
    Any person, whether natural or legal, involved in the business of Nsanga Corporation shall be aware of the following: No part of Nsanga Corporation’s net income shall be distributed to, or distributed to, its members, officers or other private persons except The organization is authorized and empowered to make reasonable compensation for the services rendered and to make payments and distributions within the framework of the achievement of the purposes for which it was created.

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